Chiltington Lane

welcome to Chiltington Lane

by C L Scribbler

What can you say about a short stretch (about a mile) of quiet English country lane in East Sussex which leads nowhere, nothing ever happens, and not many people live?

This is my 11th year of living here and as I work from home in about the middle of this lane I thought I'd make a little list of tentative topics which you can see below this page.

But just as with New Year Resolutions - my to-do list of articles compiled last Spring didn't survive much contact with reality.

And when I wrote "nothing ever happens" here... it simply confirms that you can't believe everything you read on the internet. Because some things did happen - which got very distracting.

In 2016 we had - the wrong thing in the wrong place (the idea of a caviar farm) in Chiltington Lane. If you're looking for it on your GPS - it didn't happen and there was a happy ending. You can read more about that here.

Now in January 2017 we have an issue which is more like the right thing in the right place. The idea of protecting something which has been here for 200 years.

If you're wondering where it is - then if you start from the Lewes end of Chiltington Lane I think of the forge as being at the other end of Chiltington Lane (although it's Highbridge actually). This is where it's important to take note of those signs (or the posts which have just air in between them if the signs have fallen off).

The Forge has a good story. And is where the flying car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was built (for more on this read the Argus article).

The future of the forge in East Chiltington is under threat. There's a planning application which might lead to its demise. For more about the forge see

the still yet to-do list of articles

Man in a hat (Cyrano)

Catching the iron horse

a sticky trek to Blackcap

We're Singing in the Lane

B&B's in and about the lane

Our little Roman winterbourne

Clippety clop - the hum of traffic

Where inexactly is Chiltington Lane?

Lanes which feed into Chiltington Lane

the Bridges of Chiltington Lane (unfinished)

Snatches of cyclists' conversations breezing by

Other web sites which talk about Chiltington Lane

Oh what fun we had when they resurfaced the road

Pubs you can walk to easily and not so easily from here

Where does the dotted Roman Road cross Chiltington Lane?

What to tell visitors and delivery drivers when it might be raining

Chiltington Lane - coming from Highrbidge - yes this really is the home page
Save the Forge in Chiltington Lane

New signs have been appearing in the lanes of East Chiltington to raise awareness of a plan which impacts the continuing long term future of the Forge in Highbridge Lane.

"The old historic forge in East Chiltington is under threat of demolition and redevelopment. The planning application has been submitted and the deadline for both comments and objections is January 27th, 2017."

For more about this see

. on railway side of the lane  looking west picture by Laura Huggett

Stepping off the lane near Southover Cottage and looking westward towards the South Downs. Photo by Laura Huggett (September 2016). Laura was born in nearby Clayton and has been walking through Chiltington Lane to visit relatives in the lane for 10 years.

Where inexactly is Chiltington Lane?
A rustic blog of lost and found navigation.

Even before you saw this web site you may already have been thinking - what a charming and delightful place Chiltington Lane is. How can I spend more time looking around the area if I don't live nearby or know someone who does? Well - you don't have to compromise by staying as far away as Lewes... b and b
B&B's in and about Chiltington Lane

In Chiltington East in '16
the strangest idea we had seen
caused much alarm
a planned caviar farm
wordwashed in soothsayer green

(There was a happy ending.)
for sale sign at the gate of contentious caviar farm site in East Chiltington
Wrong thing, wrong place

Man in a hat (Cyrano)

"He said the hat makes him easy to find ..."
Man in a hat (Cyrano)