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What can you say about a short stretch (about a mile) of quiet English country lane in East Sussex which leads nowhere, nothing ever happens, and not many people live?

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Willow tree 1 in Chiltington Lane
July 20, 2021 - This is 1 of the 2 outstandingly beautiful willow trees which you can see in Chiltington Lane.

On my bucket list - I've been meaning to try and get a good picture of this tree - which is close to where I live (or lived - depending on the "kicked the bucket" status when you get to read this) for many years. But my pictures have always failed to capture the reality. So too today. This tree looks much better in real life.

I felt quite annoyed with myself that when I was walking past this tree 2 hours earlier I didn't stop and take a snap then. But I was in too much of a hurry and I said to myself - it will look the same when I get back.

It didn't.

The sun had shifted around. And was no longer doing its magic in the leaves.

Ah well. It's the best snap of it I've done so far. And it was very hot. And my brain had melted from the heat. And the dog ate my homework... Next time - maybe I'll try to come a little earlier.

If you click on the tree image you'll see a higher resolution file. Do I even need to say this? - maybe. It's because stuffing a bigger file in the home page means that No One would ever get to see it. So - instead of that - I've inserted a smaller and lower quality image in the preview - and due to those compromises my fiend / friend Google (whose ilk I had known and had been writing about since before Google itself was hatched) facilitates me to say - "Hello SomeOne! Sorry about the poor picture quality. Pleased to meet you. Hope you will get to like Chiltington Lane."

Dear Residents, I too share your concerns

Editor:- June 29, 2021 - At the weekend residents of East Chiltington on the mailing list of Lewes MP Maria Caulfield received a letter about the Eton College plans.

click to enlarge - letter re Eton vs East Chiltington to residents from MP Maria CaulfieldAmong other things Maria Caulfield says...

"I have been working with local campaigners and am supporting them in the fight." the letter

Editor's comments:- Maria Caulfield confirmed her strong opposition to the Eton scheme at the outset of the public awareness timeline but it was unclear to me what powers to stop hostile developments - even an MP has - in the current planning framework - because they are not part of the local plan making or planning decision making process - despite having the power to "call in" exceptionally questionable decisions for external scrutiny.

So although it has been good for morale to know that Maria has been on "our side" and it's been impressive to hear how many meetings she's had with resident stakeholder groups - it was only with her recent active engagements on the facebook pages of Don't Urbanise the Downs - that some new messaging began to emerge - hinting at the possibility that there might be more that could be done from the MP toolbox angle to put the brakes on the Eton plan.

You can see what Maria Caulfield did say in her materially significant letter by clicking here. (I've redacted the addressee.)

Editor's follow up comments:- The distorted shape of democratic influences in the current planning system gives more power to small groups like developers and planners than residents.

Add to this a widely held assumption of pro-developer bias by planners who are not compelled to recuse themselves from making decisions about the very projects to which they have given pre-planning advice - in effect marking their own homework - and you can't help but marvel that residents who are opposed to hostile plans don't just give up - because the planning consultation processes are so complicated and give the appearance that objection votes don't count..

The current planning system is flawed and its outcomes unpredictable. But when so many people in the local community are concerned by these decisions and working to influence the outcome - this is real democracy at work. ...permalink for this article

the landscape assessment walks in East Chiltington

What do you like in this landscape?

What makes you happy being here?

Do you recognise the dogs?

Was it really that long ago?
. the landscape survey walks in East Chiltington remembered

Editor:- May 20, 2021 - Published today - a new article - the landscape assessment walks in East Chiltington - looks back at an event which has particular relevance today - when we're thinking about what it is we're trying to protect. the article

cowslips and posters in Chiltington Lane May 2021
May 10, 2021:- Cowslips and buttercups are springing up along this section of Chiltington Lane. And if you walk another few hundred paces down the slope and cross the bridge over the Roman winterbourne - then take a peek under the trees on your right before you reach the house part of Chiltington House. Here you'll see bluebells. And one or two other shy creatures too. And while you're walking this way - there's another big cluster of bluebells - which I noticed yesterday - at the Novington Lane end of Highbridge Lane - behind the road sign.

Now what's this thing - poking out the ground in the photo above - which I've avoided saying anything about so far? It's been 5 years since we last saw posters like these in the lane. These have been sprouting up like magic bean stalks all over the place at the weekend. the story

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